RSONAL DEDOMENWNChairomaste you visit our website and we hope to find interesting information to him. Please take the time to read the terms below in detail. These are the terms that govern the access, use and navigate the website of bauer hellas company.

The hellas bauer reserves the right to modify, convert or replace these terms of use at any time at its absolute discretion and without prior notice.

1) visitor/user Obligations

Any visitor/user, by entering, or where admission is not required, in accessing or using the website of bauer hellas automatically accepts unconditionally the terms of use in their current version. If the visitor/user of the website does not agree with the terms of this, should not make use of the information offered by the bauer hellas.

2) Access to the website of bauer hellas

The visitor/user acknowledges unreservedly that the hellas bauer disclaims any liability for the continuous availability of the website. Also, the hellas bauer reserves the right of full or partial stop function and/or the provision of the site or restrict access to this site at any time and without prior notice or notice.

3) using the website of bauer hellas and the contents of this

All information published on the website of the hellas bauer provided the visitor/user – unless there is a contrary statement – free. Allow the visitor/user to use the offered information depending on the needs of (personal or professional). You are expressly prohibited from any other use of the information, and especially any form of copy, convert or embed them in any form version, advertising or public view. Exceptionally, permitted only upon receipt of prior written consent/authorization from the bauer hellas.

The bauerhellas has collected and checked all the information with professionalism and delivers according to their knowledge and experience in the field. However, any visitor/user shall bear personal responsibility for the control of information as to the correctness, completeness and/or enimerotita. In case of non-timely updating of the information provided, as well as any possible misinterpretation of the supplied information by the user, the hellas bauer is not responsible.

In addition, during the access/use of the website of bauer hellas, the visitor/user shall not participate in any of the following actions:

  • violation of any copyright or any other proprietary right.
  • load any items that contain viruses that could destroy data and to cause damage to other visitors/users of the site.
  • dissemination of promotional e-mail messages or illegal content (the so-called "spam") or incorrect warning about viruses, defects and similar material.

In addition, bauer hellas assumes no liability for damages arising from any improper use of the information provided by the user.

4) intellectual and industrial property rights

The copyright of the content (but not limited to: images, pictures, drawings, texts, data, graphics, trademarks, etc.) of the Web page, as shown in the main page (home page) and on subpages of this, are the property of bauerhellas, protected by Greek laws, as well as by community and international provisions on intellectual and industrial property and available to visitors/users of this website strictly for personal use (non-commercial or nonprofit).

Therefore, any reproduction, republication, copying, sale, broadcast, distributed, published, translated, or modified in any way whatsoever, or in summary form, without the express prior written consent of bauer hellas.

Under "exception, the individual storage and copy portions of the content in a simple personal computer for strictly personal use, without commercial or other exploitation, and always under the condition that the source of origin, without this implying" any way granting intellectual property rights.

In particular, the names, logos and trademarks appearing on this website and on the website of bauer hellas are registered trademarks, owned by the industrial property of the company and protected by special laws on trademarks and industrial property. Their appearance on the site should not in any way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use them.

Everything displayed on this website and on the website of bauer hellas and is subject to intellectual or industrial property of third dates exclusively in their own responsibility.

5) protection of personal data of visitors/users

The management and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of the services on the website are subject to the relevant provisions of N 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data ", as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Commission for the protection of personal data, the Pd 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of n. 2819/2000 and European law (directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC) and as amended with N. 3471/2006 on "protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications.

In particular, personal information that complements the visitor/user has by using the contact form of this website, sent by email to the corporate e-mail address and held in company email file. The use of these data has as sole purpose the improvement of communication between the company and the customer concerned. In any case the company shall transfer these data to any third party.

6) alteration of the content of the website of bauer hellas

The visitor/user of the website is advised to check the content of this website for any changes. The bauerhellas reserves the right to modify and alter the content of its site at its absolute discretion and without prior notice to the public. The continued use even after the determination of any changes in the unconditional means of the visitor/user acceptance of these terms of use.

7) limitation of liability

The bauer hellas without guarantee and therefore responsible, making the maximum effort to ensure that the information and content of the site for maximum accuracy, clarity, timeliness, accuracy and availability. Does not bear, though, any responsibility for the credibility, completeness or timeliness, including liability in respect of any further errors, inaccuracies or omissions since, due to the constant development of new products, new information published not refreshed on a daily basis.

In addition, the hellas bauer tries the website is safe for visitors/users but does not guarantee that the content of the site (or service) is free from harmful codes – viruses or other items of a destructive capabilities for the computer system of the visitor/user. Is the sole responsibility of the visitor/user to apply anti-infective software and to safeguard the information and his system.

Finally, due to the nature of the Internet (Internet), computing and information flow on the Internet, there is no warranty as to the security of information passing over the Internet, while there is the possibility of interception or sending them to a third person (negligently or intentionally). Therefore, visitors/users of hellas bauer accept that there are risks in accordance with what is stated above.

8) applicable law/legislation

These terms are governed by the laws, the relevant legislation (directives and regulations) of the European Union and the relevant international treaties, in conjunction with the rules of good faith, equitable principles and the economic and social purpose of the right.

Responsible venue for any dispute arising from this contract or the courts of Thessaloniki in the concurrent jurisdiction of which falling parts. These terms and any amendments made to these complemented by Greek law, European Union law and the relevant international treaties. In case any of the above conditions become against the law ceases to have effect and removed from the present, without prejudice to the validity of other conditions.

Guests/users that access the website of bauer hellas from other countries are solely responsible for compliance with applicable laws.