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Solar Power

  • Take Advantage of the Solar Energy

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The solar energy is free of charge every day! Why not exploit it, to save money and to have our comfort,How can we easily save money from the sun using solar energy for our heating:Sunlight is simple, but studying and designing a system that takes advantage of solar energy requires advanced knowledge and technology.

The energy savings we can achieve with a BAUERHELLAS solar system can be in the order of 45-80%.However, a solar heating system can only cover a part and not all the heating needs, depending on the type of heating needed it may require support from another heating source. As a supplementary source you can be an oil boiler – wood boiler gas boiler – pellets  or a heat pump.If a boiler is already in place, then he can play the role of the supplementary source,
In any case, we need flat (selective) collectors, or even more vacuum collectors for performance. The table below shows the types of collectors, and the performance We also need an static tank so that the hot water can be stored and available to us even when there is no sunshine. The collector surface in m2 must be proportional and correspond to the volume in liters of the static tank. The static tank is manufactured according to the needs and the space that each customer has.

Below we see schematics for solar thermal installations, and some of our jobs that are in operation. We in BAUERHELLAS are able to offer solar water heating technology, having experience since 1986 in the construction of solar thermal systems with exports to many countries of the world. BAUERHELLAS sets the standards for optimum performance, performance, quality and reliability. Taking advantage of new technologies now, we are continuing, and we are stepping up the field of alternative energy sources

Now with the latest technology in the solar thermal system BAUERHELLAS combines solar energy and classic energy sources for the best and most economical domestic heating, For more information and clarifications call Mr.Dimitrios will always be at your disposal, at the 210 2621742-3 mob. 6977387799 24 hours.

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