Project Description

Forced Centralized Systems

  • Ideal solution for multi-storey buildings

  • Expansion Capabilities Depending on Needs

  • Full Equipment Coverage

  • Standard or Custom Made Constructions

  • Ability to Run a Power Assistant

The BAUERHELLAS central systems are the ideal solution for residential or multi-storey buildings (Hotels, Hospitals, Industries, etc.) that have high requirements for hot water. They consist of the collectors flat or with vacuum tubes placed on the roof and the tank placed inside the building. A central system can be extended according to the needs of each building for hot water.

BAUER has the know-how and the ability to cover you with the study, design and installation of the centralized system of forced CircuitIt also covers all the equipment needed for the installation and operation of a central system, and is delivered ready for installation by any hydraulics with our guidance.

The equipment includes selective collectors, water tank, hydraulic kit, differential thermostat, and connection fittings.In the event of insufficient solar radiation, an auxiliary power source may be commanded.The BAUERHELLAS forced circulation systems are available in standard sizes to meet typical needs, but can also be custom made

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