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Why Choose Our Solar Systems:

  • Top Quality
  • Low Price
  • Low Consumption
  • High Efficiency
  • Weather Proof
  • Available With Double or Triple Energy
  • Are Certified
  • Top Quality Solar Panels
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Endurance Next To The Sea
  • More Than 14000 Customers
  • Easy To Install
  • Large Life Span
  • No Power Loss
  • Maximum performance Even In The Winter

Top Quality Products Made In Greece

Solar systems and solar water heaters of BauerHellas are produced entirely in our factory in Attica. They are Greek products made with care and according to the highest European standards of production and quality.

Certified by: DIMOKRITOS, TUV, ISO, CE and ELOT.

BAUERHELLAS solar water heaters are manufactured at our own premises with the stricter standards that ensure high performance and long life.

Solar heater

BAUERHELLAS guarantees that each Solar water heater has passed a series of strict inspections and measurements.

We at BAUERHELLAS have the experience and expertise to assist and to cover any need, from solar water heater for domestic hot water, heating homes with solar thermal and swimming pool heating with solar panels.

Our products holds are in high position in the Greek and international market since 1986. Today our factory has, throughout Greece and abroad, a wide range of solar water heaters for every requirement, as well as collectors with vacuum tubes (vacuum) for solar heating.

Solar water heaters are BAUERHELLAS, so call us and we will inform you with patience and with every detail.

We are confident that we can assist you in any matter in energy exploitation at most affordable prices …

The solar systems of BAUERHELLAS have official certificates, certificates of quality from the ELOT and ISO 9001:2008, as well as measurements of yields from EN129752 Democritus in templates/ISO9806-1ar. mitrwoy1165 reliability tests standards en 12975-2/ISO9806-2 No. 3044DQ1 registry following the strictest standard.

Special constructions upon request.

Give us the opportunity to show you in our facilities, everything we promise.


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