BAUERHELLAS was founded in 1986 by its current general manager, Dimitrios Pateris, when he returned to Greece after special studies of metallurgy and material behavior in S.L.V. Berlin, Germany, with the main purpose of creating an independent and autonomous Greek company manufacturing solar water heaters and solar heating systems. A pioneer in the field of solar water heaters has developed very quickly and rightly belongs today to the largest Greek solar system manufacturers.

BAUERHELLAS’s solar systems have official patents, quality certificates from ELOT and ISO 9001: 2008, as well as measured yields from Demokritos to standards EN129752 / ISO9806-1αρ. register1165. Reliability tests standards ΕΝ 12975-2 / ISO9806-2 num. register 3044DQ1 following the strictest European specifications BAUERHELLAS Solar Heaters ensure high efficiency and long service life. BAUERHELLAS guarantees that every Solar Water Heater that it produces has passed a string of strict controls and measurements …

Today, our factory has a wide range of solar water heaters, stainless steel and glass for any demand, as well as selective (titanium coated) solar collectors and vacum tubes for solar heating, electric water heaters and electric boilers. integrated solar heating and electric water heaters, thus offering a complete solution to the issue of heating domestic water and space heating.

In our privately-owned facilities we undertake the production of special constructions on request, complete systems as well as solar components for many third-party Greek manufacturers. The BAUERHELLAS solar water heaters are pioneering and guaranteeing the quality, reliability and the best performance you can find on the market, so come to BAUERHELLAS to work together on the economy, the environment and the solutions you are looking for in reliable solar systems, always at the most affordable prices.

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